Break into Tech


Break into the Tech space with or without prior knowledge in Tech

Not all Tech jobs require coding!!! Our break into tech (BrinT) service is tailored to empower you with simulated experience that would help you get the right job that pays well than any other sector in UK, Ireland, Canada, US and Germany.

  • Project Management: The project manager is the person in charge of completing the project. The Project manager leads and manages the project team, with authority and responsibility from the project board to oversee the day-to-day operations of the project. We offer hands on training with industry standard tools on how to become a project manager in the real world.
  • Business Analysis: Business analysts undertake market analyses, looking at both product categories and the company's total profitability. Additionally, they create, track, and guarantee that business data and reporting requirements are met. Skills in technology, analysis, and communication are essential. At SwiftProfile, we provide an insight into the everyday life of a business analyst and provide you the necessary tools in carrying out your day-to-day activity as a business analyst.
  • IT Service Management Specialist: IT service management specialists are in charge of upholding, disseminating, and advancing any organization's IT services problem management procedure. They will assist change and problem management, as well as the service design and transition process, and ensure effective management and coordination of root cause analysis efforts for problem resolution. Here at SwiftProfile, we train you on the latest IT service management tools such as JIRA and provide you with an in-depth knowledge of IT problem resolution and policy management.
  • Information and Cyber Security: Cybersecurity experts often create firewalls, keep track of how data files are used, preserve data, and defend networks. They are mostly in charge of maintaining the security features that are already present in the software, hardware, and related components. Our in house facilitator is a Cyber Security Specialist with many years of experience and will provide you with trainings, tools and guidance on becoming a professional in the information and Cybersecurity field with industry experience.
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Technology Risk and IT Audit: A company's technological infrastructure must be examined and evaluated by an IT auditor to make sure processes and systems operate accurately and efficiently, are secure, and adhere to compliance standards. Any IT problems that are part of the audit are also found by an IT auditor, particularly problems with security and risk management. IT auditors must communicate any issues they identify to other members of the business and make suggestions for how to enhance or modify existing procedures and systems to ensure security and compliance. We offer you trainings and live simulations of IT audit methodologies that ensure you become a seasoned Technology Risk and IT auditor in no time.